The web browser for your Apple Watch

What the heck is this ....?! 🙄 😒
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@shahinix Essentially, WatchWeb is a text-based browser with limited support for images and links. Don't worry, we don't try and render full HTML pages on a 272 x 340 px screen 😄
@wulff_alex This scenario may not happen so often or doesn't exist.
Can it be used to accept AT&T hotspot landing page agreements every time you connect?
@androidlove Unfortunately, no. Apple has no support for receiving requests like that on 3rd party applications on the Apple Watch.
@wulff_alex hey, I would REALLY LOVE to try out the app. I have a big reach of friends with apple watches who I am sure would love this app. If you could kindly send me a redemption code for this app to try out, I would immensely appreciated it.
@pallav_agarwal check your email ;)