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#4 Product of the DayNovember 15, 2014
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I didn't see this coming. Very different from social photo-based app, Tiiny. A news destination for watch-lovers seems relatively niche (granted, there's a lot of tech focus on the space with the Apple Watch,'s Puls, and other connected watches) compared to past projects of yours, @kevinrose. If you can share, I’m curious how you plan to attract this audience to Watchville.
@rrhoover This is a very old-school industry. You have to play the long game, we're not going to massive overnight. Our Instagram account will focus on original photos (@watchville) and we'll eventually expand the Watchville to add more community features for collectors/enthusiast. But honestly, above all else, we want to build the best product(s) possible, word of mouth from fans is the best promotion tool (as you've done here w/ Product Hunt).
Thanks all for the votes, appreciate it. After visiting a watchmaker in Germany this year I got hooked. It's old-school engineering. Hope to cover more digital watches and sources as time goes on. Thanks for taking a look.
I'm a relatively new wristwatch enthusiast (got into it because of the Omega Speedmaster 3570.50 which I found fascinating due to its engineering and space history) and so it was great to hear about this app. I like the initial concept (especially the time setting feature) and I think the graphic design sets the right tone. I had two thoughts: 1. I think from a design standpoint, it would be good to have an analog representation of the time when you're setting it. It's just easier cognitively since it aligns more to what you're doing on the watch. 2. I'm curious to see where you'll take this beyond blog aggregation. I'm sure you've already given this a lot of thought but I think it would be interesting to be able to catalogue my personal collection, create watch wishlists, and ultimately discover new and related wristwatches through the app itself (starting from what I currently own and wish I had). Great work!
Not quite sure i get it, the product is a time setting tool, and a super simple rss feed just about watches. Why is that ecommerce/interesting to watch fanatics? Surely if they were already consuming news about watches, why is this a better experience? If they weren't, will this really be habit forming/interesting enough?
@sammathews I'm guessing that the existing solutions are super stogy and not terribly mobile-friendly, let alone mobile-first. There's a lot to be said for bringing a time-sensitive approach to luxury industries. #punIntended
Hmm. Not sure how I feel about this. Love the time setting portion. @kevinrose how do content providers feel about reader mode? Since you can turn it on permanently doesn't this effect their advertising revenue? Only asking because this became an issue with one of the projects I worked on. Good luck!
@talkaboutdesign the default displays full articles (including ads), some sources don't put ads in their RSS, that's their call. We have readability support but that's opt-in (just like Safari and soon Chrome). I'm hoping to work with them and get quality full article RSS feeds going forward. Stay turned.
@kevinrose Thanks for the feedback. Can't wait to see more. Oh and super excited for Tiiny 2.0
@talkaboutdesign Tiiny 2 is going to be fun :) we're stoked too -- thanks for using the apps!