Customise your Apple Watch with minimalistic faces ⌚

-> Choose custom minimal icons to add to your watch. Think you'll look good with a jetpack? Well put that on your watch and let it represent you.

-> Choose from a plethora of colour options to personalise your icon just how you like!

-> Try out the different curated "Packs" that we have made for a streamlined experience!

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez@david_sanchez3
Well done.
CallumMaker@callum_lovekin · Digital Designer
@david_sanchez3 Thanks David :)
lindelof@lindelof · Net Friends
Looking forward to this. Thanks for the codes. Used WWJ74XT9TKY9
CallumMaker@callum_lovekin · Digital Designer
@lindelof no worries hope you enjoy the app!
Lloyd Sheng
Lloyd Sheng@lloyd_sheng
Amazing work, thanks for the code: XJXYKFMYHAPK
Steven Law
Steven Law@stevenlaw · Radio DJ, Web develop, Infosec Fan
Used. N93JT976AYM9 Thank you.
Akshat Jagga
Akshat JaggaMaker@akshat_jagga · 18 y/o dev. WWDC'17 Scholar.
Hi PH, Not so long ago, @callum_lovekin came up with this awesome idea to create minimal watch faces - starting off with the ovo owl (he's a big drake fan). Everyone that he showed the owl on his watch seemed to absolutely love it - and he started getting requests from people to create these watch faces for them. As a passionate Apple Watch user who was also impressed by the watch faces, I contacted him and we decided to create an app together to be able to share these amazing icons with the world at large - and so began an amusing tale of coding at night and studying in the morning. After endless amount of coffee beans died for the cause, we were finally able to put the final product together! We have plans to add new packs and icons regularly to the app to keep the community engaged with what they like. As a thank you to the amazing PH community, we are also giving away some promo codes for the only in app purchase available inside the app (there are no ads and the app is completely free to download). We would really appreciate any feedback/feature request to be able to constantly improve upon the app. Thanks! Promo Codes - HJJRMPE3WXXN EN76ETMJETJK N93JT976AYM9 KWJEMJKXEN4M WWJ74XT9TKY9 JEJTAX6967KT XJXYKFMYHAPK 6HKN3M94MP6M JWJ4K666TLJT TER73R9HAKRH MLYW33FWAKPJ WNLYMJWKRRLL 7YH4RKAEPA6P EFWEK9X34LLX KJ4RN7JN3RMN NTPJWEERL73J
Alyssa X
Alyssa X@alyssaxuu · Entrepreneur, designer & Noon founder 💃🏻
@callum_lovekin @akshat_jagga Awesome! Would certainly use it... if I had an Apple Watch >.<
Akshat Jagga
Akshat JaggaMaker@akshat_jagga · 18 y/o dev. WWDC'17 Scholar.
@callum_lovekin @tcodinat We're glad you think so! Apple Watch is amazing, do get one whenever you can!
Nolan McCoy
Nolan McCoy@nolanmccoy · Film Producer, Storyteller, Husband
@akshat_jagga Any more codes left potentially? Would love to give this a go.
Akshat Jagga
Akshat JaggaMaker@akshat_jagga · 18 y/o dev. WWDC'17 Scholar.
@nolanmccoy Extremely sorry but we have already distributed the maximum number of promo codes available by Apple on different platforms and we are out of them now. However, the app is free to download (No Ads/Popups) which gets you the starter pack to test whether you like the app or not, if you do - the in App Purchase is only $2 and unlocks everything. Feel free to hit me up if you have any queries :)