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Love this idea and something like it is unfortunately much needed. Companion is also a good one.
@rrhoover thanks for the kind words! We love what the Companion team is doing and hope that we, too, will be able to put a dent in the anxiety that so many people feel when they're out alone after dark. We believe safety should be a social experience, so we designed Watcher for groups of friends to watch out for each other after a night out and stay connected through built-in messaging and location sharing until everyone is home safe.
Looking forward to see how it works. The idea behind it is very good.
@ibaard thanks, we look forward to welcoming you to our little community :)
The good thing about Watcher is that is working in Latin America. Well, that's the good thing for me 😬
@fameal indeed we have many users in Argentina, Mexico, etc. It seems like there is a need!
@stefanbech yes, sadly there is a need.
Great idea!
Seems similar to companion... what are the differentiating factors here?
@bentossell it looks like the differentiator is its Companion for the EU?
@bentossell we're working on the same problem but coming at it from a more social angle. Watcher is designed for groups of friends to watch out for each other after a night out until everyone is home safe. We hope to make safety a social experience with built-in messaging, user profiles, etc.