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Zain Amro
Zain AmroMaker@zamro
Hey PH, WatchDog is something I hacked out a while back when I found myself sitting in a cafe with no one to look over my laptop. It monitors your webcam (if you have one) as well as internet connection and sends you a text when it detects any suspicious activity. It's definitely not the perfect solution to avoiding theft, but I can say it makes me feel sightly better about leaving my laptop for a brief moment.
Thibault Milan
Thibault Milan@thibault_milan
@zamro nice idea ! Is it working with intl number ? Any support of email or messenger ?
Zain Amro
Zain AmroMaker@zamro
@thibaultmilan Thanks! Yeah, it works for international numbers! There's no support for email or messenger right now, but I may add that in the future.
Sirio Zuelli
Sirio Zuelli@sirioz · CTO, Wallame Ltd
@zamro what do you mean by "suspicious activity" ? How is it detected?
Zain Amro
Zain AmroMaker@zamro
@sirioz Basically, it looks at the camera feed to see if there's any sudden movement or if your computer disconnects from the Internet.