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WatchBuddy is a movie-recommendation system, based on your individual tastes.

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@seva_mouler @timothyhoang What features are you planning on adding soon?
@amrith Hey! We have a bunch of features for the next release, including: 1. Add a social aspect to it - as a user you’re able to rate a movie, and put a badge on it for your friends to see if you really like and recommend it. 2. Collaborative filtering. 3. A feed to see movies your friends have rated and/or put “recommend badges” on 4. Add trailers. 5. Displaying available platforms each movie is streaming on (though there are technical limitations on this, e.g. Netflix no longer has a public API). That being said, we’re here to learn from the PH community - as you guys are the experts and our ideas are only limited to what our minds believe is best. Did you have any recommendations? Thank you so much! Seva & Tim

It just asks you to rate a couple of movies to give recommendations and then it stops. I can't tell it what other movies I like or don't like. So at it's current state it is not very useful. If I could feed it with all my likes and dislikes, if I could log in using my IMDB account and it picks my ratings from there, and then give me recommendations, it would be a great app.


potential if it allows to input more likes/dislikes


very limited

That’s a great idea - and we’ve just added it to our Trello board as a priority. You’re awesome, thanks!
and how does it work?