Snapchat for groups

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A 'Snapchat-for-groups' by Icelandic team of app developers. Has one of the nicest onboarding-flows I've seen.
Begs the question: does Snapchat ever release group stories? They've tried our campus story at a few universities. People could create their own groups for weddings, graduations, beach trips, etc. Anyway, this looks well-designed. Will check it out!
@thomasmeagher Thank you. I'm the designer of Watchbox. We've asked ourselves this question many times, will Snapchat ever release groups. It's pretty unlikely, since their main focus is on 1-to-1 conversations, but of course they broke that rule with the my story feature and now a lot of snaps go straight to my story. But the thing is, what you post in my story is not always a content all your friends on SC should be seeing, or want to see.
I've always wanted for snapchat to add this feature, super awesome I really hope takes off
First off, I'm honoured that Watchbox got hunted today. Like @kiddiarni said, it's similar to snapchat but for groups. There are 3 different kind of groups, or channels, you can create. Public, where everyone can post and view. - Great for public events Private, where only accepted members can post and view. - Awesome for groups of friends or families. Premium, where only admins can post and anyone can view. - Great for all sorts of things, including companies, celebrities or even people who have or do something interesting to share with the world. Feel free to ask any questions and I or my team mates will be happy to answer them :) Ps. We have created a browser based player for a channel (#eurovision, ) and it's being tested on the largest news site here in Iceland ( ). If you are interested in beta testing a player like this and add it to your website, please contact me via email: