Curated collection of the best third-party Apple Watch bands

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We've found high quality replica bands of every single official Apple made style. We believe everyone should be able to experience the fun of switching between multiple bands on Apple Watch - this is unaffordable based on the prices that Apple charges. We also found a lot of fun new colors and unique styles. Feel free to ask me anything. We want this to be a great resource for every Apple Watch owner. Switching bands every day has changed my relationship with Apple Watch
@mhafez Very interesting! How does the quality typically differ compared to Apple's? Does Apple bless this or could any of these shut down any second? Is there a band licensing program?
@ianmikutel we research intensively to make sure we are only recommending bands that are worth owning. That said, of course the Apple bands are higher quality, but these provide the best value. If you click on any band we quickly let you know how well it stacks up to Apple's band and what you should be aware of in terms of trade offs. There is no official band license program like Apple does with cables (though the lugs are licensed). If any band goes out of stock we replace it with the next best priced value assuming it's still recommended by us.
@mhafez Thanks! Love the detail you put into descriptions but I noticed the same wording on disclaimers being used even when the 3rd party manufacturer was different across a single style of bands. Is this just an oversight or are the issues across 3rd parties always exactly the same (this seems unlikely).
This is awesome!
I like both AppAware and WatchAware but it's against PH rules/guidelines, and generally considered poor form, to go on social sites and ask for 'up votes' like you're currently doing.
Nice work, great UI, and really nice presentation.
Really really great website.Have found a great alternative watch strap for my series one Apple Watch. Thank you. All the best with your venture for the future.