Watch Weekly

A weekly newsletter of all the latest news on Apple Watch

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This is exactly what I've​ been waiting for!
@coconidodev Thanks Nicolo, Let me know if there are any particular stories you would like to be featured
A weekly curated newsletter of all the latest news, apps and stories related to the Apple Watch.
Thanks Misbah! Let me know guys what categories/news you want to see!
Thinking of featuring all the latest stories, apps, youtube videos with reviews, accessories. Anything else?
Cool. I think app discovery is the biggest pain point right now that Watch Weekly could solve—Apple says there are 8500 apps for the Apple Watch, but most of them don't really make sense on a smaller screen, so it would be nice to see a curated list of apps that really *only* make sense on the watch.
@bballinger Totally agree Brandon and noted!