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A privacy-first open-source personal assistant to help keep your personal memories and emotions together.
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Hi folks, I am really happy to open source Wassup today. I have been looking for a secure or an open-source tool that can help me note down my thoughts along with sentiments. I couldn't find any, so I wrote Wassup and made it open source. The real power of Wassup is that it lets you recognize the exact reason which triggered a significant change in your mood during any time. Wassup allows you to supply advanced criteria to trace down a note of interest and the sentiment saved with it. Wassup also displays whether recently you've been feeling happy or not. Wassup is open-source software and always will be open source. One can host and run it themselves at no additional cost. There are plans to release a hosted paid version of Wassup soon. Please read the detailed answer on why one should use Wassup on the project's GitHub repository here - https://github.com/wassuphq/wass.... I would really appreciate to hear your feedback and thoughts. Thanks, Vishal
Congrats on your launch on PH, It is a very nice idea and the safety of an open source platform can not be beaten by anything. Really looking forward to try it. If I've got it right I have to run a local instance to try your product, am I right? It would be nice if you served a lived demo
@jusef Yes, you're right. I am working on the demo to get the sneak peek of the real features. Soon I will release the hosted paid version which will run the same open-sourced code on GitHub. The code will always be in public domain and you can always host and run it yourself anytime.
We have just launched the live demo of Wassup at https://demo.wassuphq.com/login.