Save laundry tags & learn wash symbols

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I love it. Any plans to release for Android? Let me know if you do!
@cataplines Hey Pablo. Android is in the works - I'll keep you updated :)
Neat idea, but I'll probably just threw everything into my wash machine. Probably because I don't spend 2000 on jeans and tags don't bug me at all.
I SO hate wash labels. Thanks for this.
Looks cool. I've used https://www.producthunt.com/post... - which is the same price, but has the benefit that you can scan your tag and it will identify it (doesn't seem like this app has that feature). i like the design here though
Nice design but who reads those labels anyway? With modern detergents you can basically wash everything that is made of "standard fabrics" at 30 Degree C. For those special fabrics you can usually feel & see that you should handwash / dryclean and maybe not iron them...