WASD is a teammate search engine for gamers.

WASD is a gamer search engine born from frustration. Our team has played all sorts of games from MMOs to MOBAs and finding teammates, practice partners, etc. has always been difficult. Our goal is to change that.
Spend less time LFG and more time playing.
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Hey Product Hunters and Makers, Tarik, Creator and Co-Founder of WASD here 👋 Today I’m super excited to share a project we’ve been working on for a while called WASD. In a nutshell, WASD is OKCupid for gamers but instead of looking for someone to date you’re searching for someone to play games with. Our team is comprised of life-long gamers who have played almost every genre under the sun from MMOs to fighters—and finding new teammates or practice partners has always been frustrating. While pretty much all games nowadays have in-game matchmaking they never get it quite right. Finding people of a similar skill level is hard and a lot of times posting on Reddit or in Discord feels like you’re shouting into the abyss. And, depending on the game & platform, even if you do find a good match through the in-game system, it can be impossible to find that person again because there’s no way to add them to a friend list and start a conversation. This is the problem WASD strives to solve. Here’s how it works: ✍️ Make a profile—we ask you a few questions including what games you play, general skill level, and what region you play in. 🔍 Start searching—You can filter players by the games they play, platforms they play on, which region they’re in, skill level, what characters/positions they enjoy most, and more. 🕹️ Once you find someone you think is a match, you can send them a chat request and start playing together. It’s honestly that simple! Some other features in the works: ➡️ An easily sortable tournament calendar that pulls from Smash.gg, Challonge, and Toornament to make it easier to find events to join or watch. ➡️ A hub that helps people learn the games we support in our search engine. We are looking forward to hearing any comments and feedback about the site so far. Please feel free to send any notes to tarik@wasdgaming.gg (and please, if you think you’d like to write a beginner’s guide to any of the games listed on our homepage, let me know!) PS. Currently, the calendar is live but only pulls from Smash.gg but Toornament integration should be released in a couple of days with Challonge following shortly after that.
This is awesome!!
Find good players to play with!’