Warby Parker x Ghostly: Henning Sunglasses

Limited, minimal lightweight frames in Japanese titanium

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These are slick @valenti :) However being in the UK I'm afraid our "Summer" is over, so waiting for my invite to SF before I get myself a pair! Some press about these sunnies: http://design-milk.com/warby-par... Also love the initiative "For every pair sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need."
@bentossell thanks Ben. It's our third collaboration with Warby and the best to date. They can be purchased as optical frames via Warby's site as well.
@valenti I actually just snapped my optical frames.... hmmm
Love many of the artists on Ghostly, specifically Com Truise, Gold Panda, and Tycho. How did this collaboration with Warby start, @valenti? cc @suzywillow
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! I met Neil a few years ago at a talk we were both speaking at. I was going on about looking to old forms for future inspiration (vinyl, print, radio) and going the wrong way to get it right. I knew only the basics of Warby at that point but his talk really got through to me on how to run an ethical and world class company. I guess he liked my bit so we stayed in touch. We developed a dialogue around our love of design and music so Curtis and Henning were born. 🍃
Oh that's cool, @valenti on PH! Huge fan of Ghostly here, I've organized shows in Italy for Solvent and Lusine years ago ;)
@mrdobelina amazing. Thank you sir. Two of my faves. : )