Warblr 2.0

Curated premium socks collection to delight your everyday.

Leveraging color and good vibes to meticulously curate high-quality unisex socks from world's best brands. Joy and awesomeness guaranteed because life's too short for boring, dull socks.
Socks are honestly my favorite gift!
@aaronoleary me too, you can never go wrong with a nice colorful socks 🌈
@carlosecgomes I like the way you think!
Great job!!😊Will check it out!!😊
Hi Hunters! Last year i launched Warblr on PH and received a lot of great feedback and support. Since i can remember i have been a huge fan of bright colorful accessories leveraging creative design and quality to spread good vibes and self-expression. It made sense to start with socks but am also currently working on Limited streetwear accessories set to be released later this month. Today i am launching Warblr Collection 2.0 a new set of high-quality socks collection for both men and woman. It features designs from best brands in the market but with a twist: "it's actually affordable". It comes with a set of 7 pairs (unisex and unique designs) so you can look fresh and "fly" - 7 days a week. Perfect for yourself or as a gift. One last thing: To celebrate the Product Hunt launch the first 10 costumers will get an extra free pair from the last collection, plus free worldwide shipping. Visit http://getwarblr.com for more details 🙌