Curated vibrant socks collection to delight your everyday.

Hey there, We are warblr. We test, handpick and curate the best, the brightest, the coolest apparel products at an affordable price and top quality.

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Hi PH, Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was that we couldn’t find any high-quality & AFFORDABLE apparel that was leveraging color to better influence consumers well-being. So we got to work and curated the coolest socks set to bring the best of you so you can focus on doing what you do best, being yourself. It's cool, affordable and limited. The first collection is now live on getwarblr.com so go grab yours now. Use code BF2017 to unlock 10% off your first purchase, but don't get too cozy because the sale ends on Nov 26th. 🎉
This looks awesome! I'm a big fan of the likes of Happy Socks. Really puts a smile on your face in the morning... and $9.40 USD per sock is a very good deal! Unfortunately I'm a sock fiend and just got a new set back in January - but next time I've given away/donated my current set, I'll definitely use Warblr. Props for using @gumroad too :)
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@gumroad @jamesscaur thanks for the feedback and kind words. We're launching a new collection soon (upcoming week), am really excited and can't wait to put it out there.
$39 does seem pretty pricey but so do many others in this space. Fortunately I'm pretty happy buying packs from HM or Primark for less than $10 but I do worry about the ethics and I like the design and can see the appeal. Maybe I'll purchase a test pack. Any information on your suppliers?
@walsh_ldn The price is for a set of six pairs, i think it's a pretty good deal plus the offer. We partner directly with the suppliers, no middle man, no brand on the items and everything from shipping to logistics is done by us. That's why we can keep the price this low.
@walsh_ldn @carlosecgomes This is actually a super-good deal for the likes of Happy Socks!
Your twitter accounts been 'temporarily restricted'. You should get that fixed ASAP!
@gregjwww Thank you, fixed now :)