Change time on one clock to automatically change the rest. Coordinate your meetings, catch up with friends and see if your mom is awake with Waqt.

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Really useful product! ⏰
This is very good, and I like the name you used here. "Waqt" - meaning time in Hindi/Urdu.
Great to see analog clocks. 👍🏻 Please add option to indicate daylight for each location.

I'd change this input, so that I don't have to change 'mode' from place to time and vice versa, application can distingush them itself. I don't think there is a city called 11:30AM or 16.00 :)


Very simple to use, clean interface, no hidden features


Necessity to change 'mode' from time to place

Some user experience problems were rectified with a recent release : )
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!