Friendly challenges to get things done

Getting started is easier with a friend. Exciting challenges platform to try new activities, develop new skills and habits with influencers, coaches, teammates, and likeminded people. Find accountability, motivation and fun.
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Hello Product Hunt, I’m Evgeniya, the founder of Wantshes app that we just launched for iOS, and I'm excited to be here! Wantshes is a friendly Challenges platform that helps you finally Get Started with all the amazing things that you’ve always wanted to try and do but had no motivation, time (read motivation), and/or company. Wantshes Highlights: *Join friendly online Challenges with coworkers/ friends for motivation and accountability (we're enjoying this part so much, that now I got a 6-pack) *Participate in small group challenges by coaches/influencers with Secret Invite Codes *Share inspiring photos of your progress with your Challenge participants *NEW IN: we’ve introduced new Team Challenges :) While making the app, all members of our remote startup Team have been testing it (that’s how I got my 6-pack:)). We’ve completed lots of online challenges together. We were impressed that this actually works amazing for team building/bonding. We invited a couple of other teams to try the Challenges too and received great feedback. Now we’re introducing the Team Challenges to the world! So, I invite you to try it, enjoy it with your Team, and share your feedback. Here’s the link to the Team Challenge rules and Secret Entry Codes for the app: https://www.wantshes.com/post/aw... Just ONE person from your team needs this code. Create your Challenge and just follow the super-duper easy instructions to invite your team. How can we make it better for you? I’m very curious: What Challenge would YOU like to do with your team? What other themes/activities would you add? Would you join a challenge by your favorite blogger/influencer? Who’d that be? We’d love to hear your comments/questions/suggestions. Happy to answer them all!