Your Life In Lists

Where do you write down all the things you want to do, not the things you have to do? The TV shows friends tell you to watch, books you've been meaning to read, cities you want to visit, or coffee shops you've been meaning to try.... we didn't have a good answer, so we created Wanna, an app to track your life's "wannas".

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A feature that I'd like to see is being able to attach memories to the actual task at hand and then perhaps in the future a timeline of events completed/ticked off. Being able to sit back 10 years from now and review a timeline coupled with photos/videos of the events would be great.
Hey @alex_agatstein, I'm liking your graphics and design for this list app. How does this compare to other similar apps out there?
@jacqvon Appreciate the thumbs-up with our UI! In terms of comparing it to its competition, I'm not sure I have any direct metrics here, but would love any feedback. When developing Wanna, we tried to make it simple, intuitive, and most of all streamlined in its core feature set. It doesn’t have a ton of indirect features or customization options, spam the user with ads, or try to solve everything, but it does make organizing, capturing, and collaborating on your bucket lists awesome!
@jacqvon @chrismessina definitely looks similar in concept! I can't find Socialist in the App Store though :(
Nice! Do you plan to make an android version?
@berpj it's not in our immediate future. Our plan is to launch on iOS and use feedback to influence our feature pipeline. Then if the user base grows, of course we would love to support multiple platforms.
@berpj Hey Pierre, we have created something similar on Android. Wanna for Android: https://play.google.com/store/ap...
@berpj @alex_agatstein I am already working on Android App for same idea since a month. Will keep you updated once I launch.
A digital, categorised bucket list. Great idea! 👍🏾
Congrats on the launch @alex_agatstein! Great stuff. I'm big on writing these sorts of things down. I currently have lists for "Things to Watch", "Music to listen to", "NYC things", and "books to read"