New destinations + cats with every new tab

There are few things you can rely on while traveling these days. Security protocols, carry on luggage fees, and weather patterns are all changing overnight. But one thing has remained constant: you can always find postcards of landmarks with badly photoshopped cats. Today, Hitlist is honoring that tradition by updating our popular Chrome extension 'Wandertab' to become 'Wandertabby'. Every new tab promises a beautiful destination paired with how much it costs to get there and, now, an adorable cat.
@charleslacalle thanks! In theory this was a one off for today but we're thinking of introducing an optional 'cat mode' because, well, who doesn't like a new tabby.
@gillianim @charleslacalle PLEASE do that. I want the cats.
This has been sorely needed. Thank you.
Stop what you're doing and download this right meow!