Wandertab by Hitlist

Travel inspiration with every new tab

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Smart way to insert travel, something most people think about a couple times a year, into someone's daily routine, @gillianim. This is a really good example of "productized marketing." There's probably a better term for it but similar to content marketing, apps or sites tangential to one's core business can be an effective way to reach new users. KISSmetrics' MyAnalytics (cc @hnshah @Evanish), Crew's How Much To Make An App (cc @mikaelcho), and Front's Inbox Checker are a few examples that come to mind. P.S. This would be a nice addition to @chrismessina's #ChromeNewTabs collection.
@hnshah @Evanish @mikaelcho @chrismessina @rrhoover people think about travel often but rarely get around to turning those aspirations into concrete plans. At @hitlist_app we're very focused on making travel more accessible and approachable, which we do by giving you the most relevant information: what destinations are most affordable, how long it will take you to get there, and if anyone you know lives or has been there. Wandertab was a natural extension to help you discover more places and, as @jedc said above, realize how affordable they can be.
@rrhoover Crew has always done a great job with productized marketing. Coffee & Power (list of coffee shops with wifi & plugs), Unsplash (free stock photos that don't suck), How Much to Make an App and Good Mood Board.
@rrhoover Trying to separate "product" from "marketing" is foolish - so I'm not sure you need a special term for when they work together. But, you touched on some of the strategy behind wandertab. The challenge is just making the tradeoff between the cost of building a "tangential" product and the potential impact on growth, etc. In this case - it's just so simple - so we went for it. The only negative so far has been the loss of productivity among the team. :) I admit that it turned out to be more addicting than I expected...credit to @timotje's design/execution.
Just installed it. This is an awesome idea and beautiful implementation! Although... I fear I may end up getting distracting, forgetting why I opened the tab, and booking a getaway.. Oh wait is that the point? =)
@mmezzacca very much so! Enjoy!
I installed this yesterday, and what a great experience. Beautiful photos, and it doesn't slow down opening a new tab (like so many poorly written extensions do). It's a great reminder that travel isn't as inaccessible/expensive as you may think!
Love what Hitlist does, amazing design, flawless execution and great prices!
This is perhaps even more addictive than the native app. Way to go, Hitlist. Sorry, bank account.