Wandertab 3.0

Travel inspiration & a flight deal with every new tab

Wandertab 3.0 is a chrome extension that shows you a beautiful picture + how much it costs to get there every time you open a new tab. You can now also track flight prices for the destinations you car about most.

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Wandertab, a Chrome extension that shows you a beautiful picture + how much it costs to fly there every time you open a new tab, was born at a hackathon and almost forgotten by its original makers (@kvakes and me, @gillianim) until we discovered it had gone viral within the hackathon sponsor's company. We rebuilt it with @hitlist_app's cheap flight data feed and it's grown to over 10k daily active users. This update introduces * the ability to set notifications for destinations you're particularly interested in * swiping to refresh photos + deals * new design, still gloriously simple: open a new tab, see something gorgeous, and get there without breaking the bank. Fun aside: this is the first project the @hitlist_app team has done with @a_nater, who we met after he wrote a Medium piece titled ‘I love Hitlist - but their website let me down.’ https://medium.com/@a_nater/i-lo... In other words, if you have thoughtful feedback about our product, there’s a good chance we’ll hire you :)
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Really fun idea! Gonna check this out :)
@gillianim I’ve been using the Wandertab for ages. I love the photos (which act as inspiration throughout my day!) and am excited about the update!
@gillianim looks great, congrats on the launch!🙌
I've always loved the Wandertab! But it sure does give you a serious case of FOMO 😀
Love it! Dangerously tempting every time I open my browser!
Wandertab is great, and this latest update is looking slick. Like others have said - it's dangerously tempting (in a good way) though. I've had it at least 5 times today where I've seen some exotic, really interesting destination, for way cheaper than I would have expected, and started thinking about when I could go!