Wanderlog 2.0

Collaborative travel planner with combined itinerary and map

Google Docs, Maps, TripIt, and Google Trips in one:
- Stay organized with a map/doc with places to visit and notes
- Plan on web or on the go with our Android & iOS apps
- Get inspired by high-quality travel guides
- Import flight/hotel emails from Gmail
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15 Reviews5.0/5
Hi PH! I’m here along with @giam_ju_xian, @harry_yu1, @namphuongvan, and Oliver: the creators of Wanderlog. Since we launched almost exactly a year ago on Product Hunt and graduated from Y Combinator, we’ve come a long way, thanks largely to the PH community’s suggestions! To recap, we built Wanderlog to replace the tangle of tools (Google Docs, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, etc.) that you’d typically use to plan a trip. Whenever we booked flights for a trip, we’d open a new Google Doc to write down our thoughts; search on Tripadvisor and Google for attractions; and star things on Maps. Wanderlog brings it all together: 🗺 It’s a map: add places you want to visit along with any other notes, and it’ll show up. 📄 It’s a document with real-time collaboration: invite your friends and get everyone on the same page. ✈️ It’s a flight/hotel tracker like TripIt or Google Trips: send your confirmations, and we’ll attach them to your trip plans 📚 It’s a guidebook: We’ve collected blogs and lists from around the web and made them easy to browse. I know there’s been a couple of travel apps launched on PH recently, but we think Wanderlog’s the best -- it’s designed to be useful no matter how much you plan, and where you do it. Since our last launch, we’ve: 📱Built Android and iOS apps to see your plans and plan on the go ✨Refreshed our interface so it’s more intuitive It’s still got rough edges for sure though. Tell us -- how do you like it? What else are we missing that’ll prevent you from switching away from your spreadsheet or Google Maps? Email me at peter@wanderlog.com or just leave a comment here; we’ve really appreciated the PH community’s feedback so far and would love to hear more!
This looks like you guys made some big changes since v1, super awesome 👍🏼 what were the inspirations behind the changes?
@victor_zhang1 We went on a few trips and realized that (1) fast, offline access in a native app is essential and (2) if you have more than a few people you travel with, both Android and iOS support is essential. We also realized everyone starts with booking a flight, so making getting started from that point super-easy was a big priority for us!
Very impressed the way it automatically filled in my flight info.
We're really aiming to be the best solution for people like my fiancee who plan with Google Sheets or Google Docs. It's just as flexible, but with bonus stuff on top! Try it out
Woo! I've been planning all my trips on Wanderlog for a while and it's totally changed my travel experience. Makes it so much easier to plan with friends, consolidate my reservations, and keep track of recs and places to visit on the go. If you're not currently planning a trip but looking for some inspiration, here's a guide I wrote to visiting San Francisco! https://wanderlog.com/view/cyysd...