Google Docs for planning your trips with friends.

Write notes and map places you want to go on your trip in a single document with real-time collaboration. Export your itinerary to Google Maps for when you're on the go. And after the trip, easily turn your doc into a recommendations list for your friends.
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Hi PH! I'm Peter, one of the creators of Wanderlog (formerly Travelchime). Thanks @katmanalac for hunting us! We built Wanderlog because we used to have to write down our trip plans in a Google Docs (or sometimes a Google Sheets), but it was a pain. We'd write them up, then had to star all the places again in Google Maps so we can see them on the go (since Docs is pretty clunky for that). We also often sent these out to friends who asked -- there's nobody whose recommendations you trust more than your friends -- but it's hard to find which friends have these docs. With Wanderlog, you can: 1. Add all the museums, restaurants, and places you're staying/want to visit to a doc on Wanderlog, and see them on a map with their opening times, links to Yelp, and more 2. Share the doc with friends on the trip or ask others for recs: it's got collaborative editing just like Google Docs 3. Export the places to Google Maps for when you're on the go 4. (Optional) Read some itineraries from around the web to get inspired! 5. Share the full itinerary after the trip with notes to inspire your friends PH has been super-helpful for our previous projects like WrapAPI (https://www.producthunt.com/post...), so we'd love for you to try it out and give us your honest feedback! Also, feel free to email me directly at peter@wanderlog.com
@travelchime @peterxu @harry_yu1 this looks beautifully! Will try on my next trip! Great to see another travel-related hunt on PoductHunt today, too. We launched https://www.producthunt.com/post... :)
I'm Harry, the co-creator of Travelchime. We're excited to launch! I'm also excited to find out: - Does the "place lists" format reflect how you travel? - How important is food/restaurants to your trip? - Are there other kinds of things you really like to check out no matter the trip? (coffeeshops, fried chicken, etc.) - On your last trip, did you have data all the time? Most of the time? None of the time? Feel free to let me know by replying or emailing at harry@travelchime.com
I've been checking out Travelchime the past few weeks, and I think it's great! It solves a lot of my issues around aggregating places, ideas, and actually planning an itinerary. the Google Maps integration is awesome, and being able to keep notes next to suggestions is πŸ”‘. On top of that, I can finally send this to friends & family and they can add suggestions! Super useful.
I like the idea! Usually, when planning a trip with friends it's a pain point for us to figure out who pays who, how much, for how many people, etc. We use @split_wise but some people don't have it, etc. It'd be cool if this Google Doc would at least compute the amounts everyone owes/paid πŸ™‚
@zelena Thanks for the suggestion! We've heard this (along with a "before the list checklist for everyone on the trip") as 2 common feature requests. Currently, I think we'll need to add a totally separate view from the main planning view, but we're still thinking about ways to work it in.

I’ve always wanted a more interactive itinerary that could be shared with friends!


Intuitive, visually simple, and practical companion for any well planned trip.


Really looking forward to a mobile version!