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Hi Guys! This is Nikkah, one of the makers of Wanderhunt. So basically what you're seeing is inspired by ProductHunt, but this is for travellers. We always consider PH as an innovative platform for discovering new products; hence, we thought the idea is also awesome for curating wonderful places to travel. But not only that, we aim to make Wanderhunt a social network for globetrotters. We are going to add more features to the platform soon! Let us know what you think. :)
@nikkahjacobi got to love the simplicity of this platform! And who doesn't love seeing awesome places to travel :) .... now just need to book that flight!
@nikkahjacobi This is beautiful! I love the "Been there" part as it has the potential to really offer some real insights by ppl who've been there done that! way to go. Yoav (your daily neighbour on PH) ;)
@bentossell Yes, we've always put the design in mind when we conceptualised this. Our developer and co-founder @jamestgordo is a great fan of simple platforms that still boast beefy features. Thanks Ben.
@yoavush As a social site for travellers, it feels great to cap off your travel achievements. Other than that, knowing that the people you are following have been to that certain place gives you that sense of security. It assures you that that country or that city is really worth travelling to. :)
@nikkahjacobi congrats πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜Š
I'm a massive massive fan of anything that helps get more people to travel the globe. A world experienced with your own eyes is exponentially better than one experienced through your screen. That said, travel planning is a very, very difficult area to gain adoption -- and even harder to actually monetize: http://www.travelstartups.co/wha... Been working on travel startups for the past 3 years. Happy to chat if you're interested.
@drewmeyers we'll surely look forward to that! :)
@nikkahjacobi sure, drew at horizonapp co
@drewmeyers wow! I love your article "What Startups Can Learn About Travel Planning". Now, we're going to bookmark it!
Looks nice, but buttons in the center of high-res photo kinda ruin it sometimes. How about to add nearest airport? We would love to partner!
Hi everyone, Im James, the developer of Wanderhunt. Wanderhunt is a simple app which aims to provide users an easy access to information which are the main key in planning your next trip. Know the best places where your friends have already been and are planning to go. No more hassle in extended research since each place have automatic recommendation of accommodations nearby. You can also ask opinions, suggest and share your experiences in the comments section of each place. Users can also sort places by activity by clicking the activity button(e.g tour,swimming, etc) and search destinations by countries or cities. Just type in the name or city on the search box. Wanderhunt is currently in beta version and will continue to evolve from time to time to provide users more cool features and ease of access. As the famous quote says β€œThe world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” by Saint Augustine, start fueling up your wanderlust now by using the app. #TravelMore
didn't know there were so many beautiful places in the Philippines!
@edtoh yes! actually, there are still so many beautiful places in the Philippines that are not yet in the list. i am updating the list daily. hope you can try to visit some of those places in the near future. you will surely enjoy your vacation! :)
@edtoh The Philippines is a gorgeous place. I spent a month there in 2012.