Wander Co

Location-based photo journals

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Wander is a really well designed photo journal app for new and experienced photographers. I like how you can discover other journals and track the route of your adventure via their built in GPS. This is one of the most beautiful apps I've ever seen. Add me on Wander! @shahed
@_shahedk Thank you so much for posting us!
This is such an awesome app. I've been beta testing it and adding content. Excited that there is a clean approach to hike tracking and journaling about the adventure. Follow my adventures: @JuanArreguin
Beautiful work guys, congrats on launching! Looks like you'll have a great database of well-documented hikes and adventures to work with, I imagine you have interesting thoughts about what to do with such a thing :)
I'm definitely gonna use this app for my road trip in California next month! It should give me plenty of hiking ideas and I'll be able to properly share my trip with some useful informations. Do you plan to release a desktop version ?
@pierrickgt Not at this point in time but definitely a possibility down the road. Look forward to seeing your journals when you visit California!
What if up in the mountain I don't have mobile signal and I can't upload my photo? It could be awesome if you could have a way to "save" the image with no network along with the location and once you're able to upload the photo where the signal is decent, the photo uploads automatically. Just a thought. Love the idea!