A beautifully simple world time app

Wander is a beautifully simple world time app designed for the digital nomad.

This is our first internal product launch so please let us know your thoughts and feedback. We're planning some cool updates for the future!

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Woah this looks beautiful @caicardenas 😍 Tracking timezones is a pain indeed. What kind of features are you planning to introduce next?
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Thanks for the kind words @amrith I appreciate it! While we want to maintain the simple and clean aspect of Wander, some ideas we're playing with right now include sharing times, a compressed view (for those who need even more locations in view at once!) and even possibly a companion Mac App. We're also keen to hear what the community thinks and if any features in particular would be useful for people.
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very clean :) just waiting for typical "why do you charge for this?" comments in 3, 2, 1 ... :-( was surprised to see you're in BrisVegas too ;-)
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Thanks @starmill :) Yes we were wondering if people would have a problem with the pay gate, but it hasn't really come up yet, which is good! And yes love it here in Brisbane! Been here about 2 years now (previously Sydney and London), are you local?
@caicardenas yar, that is good to hear. i'm just north of brisbane. born and bread here. just got your app btw. will have a play tonight :)
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@starmill Great, let me know what you think!
@caicardenas simple. helpful. pretty :)
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I was looking for this exact thing, all other apps were either clunky, ugly or bloated. 100% perfect execution. You should add a tip jar similar to Apollo app.
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Hey @jeremy_katzeek glad you like it! And good suggestion regarding the tip jar, we will look into this and consider making the app free to download instead.
It looks extremely useful... But not to me, as yet. Any chance of an Android app soon?
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Hey @jjmcgaffey thanks for your feedback. We will certainly look at creating an Android version as demand grows, but probably not any time soon unfortunately.