Simply snap a pic and identify your dog's breed instantly.

Boon to dogs lovers
mmmm... not need an app for identify my dog's breed... only needs to look the dog... 😐
@miscalzoncillos in theory but not in practice... https://www.wuft.org/news/2015/1.... "More than 5,000 people participated, and more than 70 percent of the time, only 15 percent of the dogs were correctly identified."
Actually it's not that simple...There are 340 dog breeds and it's becoming increasingly popular to breed all sorts of dogs together, this App isn't for people first off that have a pure breed. This is for those in part who adopt dogs from a shelter that might be mix breed and don't want to pay $80 for a DNA test. Eventually, this will be a free service with by-products helping local shelters and veterinarians and particularly kids get introduced to computer vision as related to nature, simply point your phone at anything and learn more about it in context. This is my dog Ella...this product was birthed because our other computer vision app that has over 100,000 users. was marketed as an app to identify plants and birds but over 60% of the photos were of people's pets, particularly dogs. After adopting an incredible dog a month ago my girlfriend was insisting on knowing if she was just a Terrier...kept telling people Terrier Mix. Turns out our AI correctly said she was a Pit Bull Terrier. We did end up ordering the $80 DNA test which said she was 50% Pit Bull you wouldn't know this simply by looking at her. So I started to reach out to local shelters and realized this was a problem for them that they would love an automated realtime solution just to confirm their suspicions, and to also raise awareness on adopting animals. Which is what we're in the process of doing and going from a paid app to a free one with in app purchases of content really. For now the purchase pays for the development of an official new version. Going to be tailored content from a veterinarian on not simply an extensive temperament or your dog but actual one on one info if needed on caring for your puppy especially if the need arises. ?
Question: is there a "23andme for pets"? 🤔 cc @nicholassheriff
@rrhoover Haha yes lol I didn't even know this was such a thing until my girlfriend's mom ordered a DNA test for her lab ( which turned out to be pit bull mix ) for $100 they offer up more guesses and bs and spin a mini-story that is irrelevant to your pet but what they literally give you for $100 an AI system can actually tell you. http://www.wisdompanel.com they own the entire market. also DNA My Dog a Canadian co has a test for $60 which is still expensive. they also offer follow up consultation rofl also both tests have produced completely different results lol many have protested, computer vision to the rescue. ...certain housing units/areas ban certain breeds...pit bulls, for example, are banned in certain places so that's another element tied to these other services. So a lot of
@rrhoover Ryan, do you have a dog? Do you take him/her with you to work...?
Are you able to upload pictures of dogs from camera roll? I feel like if you ever wanted to know the breed of a dog it would be one you had seen in the past and liked
@arimarkowitz Not at the moment Ari, we should be allowing uploads soon.