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Very cool! Do you currently have artists in your network in the US? Looked for an FAQ on your site and didn't see one.
Hi @vbarnett323 we are in contact with artists in the States. However, at this point we are focusing Europe to further validate the idea. Thanks for the input about FAQ, we will add it to the website shortly!
Hey there Product Hunt! I'm super excited to share Wand! Wand connects artists with owners and businesses, transforming spaces into engaging environments by turning blank walls into unique art. So if you've ever need a wall painted or you are an artist looking for interesting projects let us know. I'll be around to answer questions, would love to hear your feedback!
Hi @lexkon that's great. Thanks for the support!
This is really cool, how do you handle transportation and other scalable issues with something like this?
Hey @morleyadam thanks for asking. In terms of transportation I assume you are talking about artists. We want to operate locally, meaning we'd love to see local artists painting local walls. – Does this answer your question? Regarding scalability, at this point we're keeping operations and processes manually. However, we're discussing building a platform that enables more automatization.
fantastic idea - hard to scale. but great concept love it.
Hi @johnnyquachy, Thanks for the comment! :-) Jap, you definitely pointed out our biggest challenge​.