Walter by Triposo

A smart (travel) compass showing where things are

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This, but on an Apple Watch, would be the first useful app on that device.
@shloky totally agree! haha
@shloky great idea. I think we might give that a try!
Pretty cool side project (I assume it is) by Triposo. The number 2 travel app in the world (they try harder). Beautifully designed, and with their database it's effective as hell. Really cool for people that don't want things on a silver plater but want to explore (like me). What were you thinking @dosinga and @ezelhaar ?
@milann @ezelhaar Thanks. We had this hackathon @triposo a while ago and one of the things we wanted to play with, was the concept of apps where the main interaction is starting the app. Walter is that concept applied to the travel guide and it does away with almost all complexity of our main app and reduces it to a travel compass.
It is a side project to yes, but it's also a serious attempt to make a different kind of travel app. One that let's you explore yourself. We'd love to get some user feedback because we have plans for an update and would like to hear what people think of the 1.0 version.
@ezelhaar it's a really really cool first version, I will try it out on a bicycle through Amsterdam this afternoon. Also, I love you can use it without an internet connection.
I love this idea. Hope to try it out soon!
Triposo got me through a 2 week visit to Hungary, Vienna, and The Czech Republic. Such a handy app because it works completely offline. Best travel app I've ever used. It looks like they've taken their game to the next level. Very excited to use this on future journeys.
@lancescadden side projects are the new marketing tools, I'm sure @seikatsu can attest ;)