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A new and distraction-free way to learn with educational videos.
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Hi PH community! I created Walnut because I find YouTube a very distracting place to learn, and that's just how their algorithms work — to keep you entertained and not necessarily learned. Walnut is a new and distraction-free way to learn with educational videos (featuring mostly from TED-Ed for now). Every video is followed by visual interactive quizzes which make it feel like playing a game. If you're feeling confident, you can also try out Challenges. You'd get a personalized path based on your current knowledge level. (A path is like a playlist, but with quizzes and checkpoints.) I'm looking for your feedback — what do you like and not like? What do you wish to see more of? I want to hear them all. Cheers!
@harrison0723 I absolutely love this; I wish I had it when I was in school. Speaking of which, have you considered reaching out to schools and get Walnut into classrooms? I see a huge potential in making this like a custom tool/medium for schools.
@amrith Thanks! And potentially. Walnut right now is designed with just learners in mind. I can imagine some sort of solutions built upon this for schools/teachers, just have to learn more about their pains first :)
Loved it :)
@mhrnik Thank you!
Great design and UX, along with gameification features. Loved seeing the progress up to this polished finish ;)
Thanks man!
Honestly, the internet needs something like Walnut to exist. The web is a powerful place for learning, but without a support structure in place a lot of that knowledge just disappears. Have watched this make a lot of progress over the last few months - downloaded it this time. Best of luck to you Harrison!
looks awesome! always have believed interactive learning is the future. binged a ton of YouTube videos when I was in high school to study for the AP exams and could have used something like this
@sydney_liu_sl Thank you Sydney!