Wally Next for iPhone

Making expense tracking actually enjoyable

Wally brings your financial life together so you can get smarter about your finances, plan easier, be more organised, and stay in sync with the people that matter.

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After thumbing thru the app, it seems like there are a ton of cool features that I would really enjoy using and that would save me a lot of time but having to pay for some of the features I consider basic and that are free in other apps is a turn off for me. Nothing against you guys - I am a cheapskate and miser, and tightening the belt on subscription fees lately. I think the app is maybe the best personal financial planning app I have seen, I just can’t get on board with another freemium app...
It has some great features. Unfortunately its after sale service sucks. I recently moved from an iPhone 6s to a 10 Xs. All my apps moved over seamlessly to the new phone except for Wally. I pointed this out to them three times but there has been no reply. As a developer they should be on top of these new phones and plan accordingly. This doesn't seem to be happening. Although a great product, I have used it for 5+years, I was extremely disappointed that it does not work on my new phone, it just crashes!!