The easy way to share wallet addresses

The website allows you to list all of your cryptocurrency wallet addresses in one place, perfect for sharing with friends, family and donators.

Main Features:

- Supports over 1,400 cryptocurrencies

- No email required. No spam. No BS.

- Simple, searchable & shareable lists of wallet address

- Click to copy addresses with visual feedback

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Great idea! It's great for people who want to donate in all different currencies.
nice project, are you going to do feature, such as doing a search engine?

There a few many features missing like:

- Delete account

- Delete wallet address

- Reorder list

- Monero address are too long for the current design

Beside that, is a simple and right-to-the-point product.

I will use it in the future.


Super simple and right to the point!


Missing features

Dope as fuck. Straight and to the point. As someone pointed out, issues with Monero addresses. I like it, its useful


simple, quick, easy


issues with long addresses

The link is dead. Is this still available πŸ€”