A visual wall of social activity for your event

Thanks for featuring Walls.io, @jasondainter! Instead of describing our product (which you did a good job anyway), we've set up a Product hunte demo wall: https://walls.io/producthunt Have fun and try out Walls.io, if you like it!
This looks like a splendid product! I'm just a bit unsure about the pricing strategy. Since you're (apparently) targeting events mostly, why did you choose to focus on monthly plans? I perceive "events" to be a very temporary phenomenon. To me that sounds like it would be most useful for professional event organizers who have a bunch of events every month. Are there any plans to also target customers who have an event or two per year, for example? More concretely, I'm helping organize an academic conference that will last for a week and wouldn't benefit much from Walls.io before or after that week. /cc @_subnet
I've been searching for a decent product that does a good job combining various social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Instagram, and a bunch of other stuff) into one place, in a nice looking way. This does the job and was surprisingly easy to set up (they have a free (ad-supported) 24 tier also for anyone wanting to check it out).
@jasondainter Thanks for sharing. I liked this one.
Thanks for your comment, great question, @lsinger! We've learned that our customers like to use their social wall way before & also after the event! Integrated as iframe on the events website or on their Facebook Tab, Walls.io can be used to encourage the community to spread the word about event & wall! Moreover, besides the typical usecase of events, Walls.io has become popular as a widget/website-integrated thing-only too - think for example hashtag-campaigns for social marketing! Furthermore, another usecase is to use Walls.io as an aggregator-only, and consume our collected data via API (this is currently in private beta, feel free to contact me if you're interested9. Granted, our current website doesn't reflect this usecases yet :( we're currently re-doing it though)