Wallpaper Wizard 2

Wow-worthy backgrounds for Mac

#3 Product of the DayAugust 28, 2017

For Wallpaper Wizard 2, we curate backgrounds that are pure visual gold to spare you the tedium of image search in Google. You can pick as many wallpapers as you like, add them all to Roll, and get a gorgeous new desktop as often as you like — be it every week or every 15 minutes.

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Also, if you didn't know, Wallpaper Wizard 2 is also available as a part of Setapp subscription (along with other 87 apps for a monthly fee of $9.99). Learn more here: https://setapp.com/apps/wallpape...
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Hey Product Hunters, I’m from the Wallpaper Wizard team. We’ve put a lot of effort into this app and we’re celebrating our launch today! 🚀 Ask me anything or just share your thoughts so we can make the best wallpaper app in the universe :)
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@_n1ks The app looks really great, congrats! What is the source for the pictures?
@daria_staverska1 Part of the images are licensed from Depositphotos, all of them are part of the curated collection.
@daria_staverska1 Thanks for the question! In short, we have several sources: websites with CC0 images (unsplash, pixabay), personal connections with authors and also we’ve partnered with depositphotos.com so part of the content is licensed from them. Also, we have an editorial team who manually select images and group them into nice collections by theme + there is an imagga.com integration under the hood, so each image is tagged to simplify search in the app.
@_n1ks Just curious and not wanting to criticise one of my fave companies, but you mention 'launch' and 'a lot of effort', but for a 1.9.4 version that happens to share the name and functionality with the old HD wallpaper app Wallpaper Wizard by VOX makers Coppertino, can you share what differentiates the two? Or is it the same app, with a brand new UI? Also: will there be a trial version? And what's the price of the in-app purchase?
@_n1ks Reading the reviews helps I guess. The in-app purchase is $5, so the total cost will be $15. Also: no 5K Wallpapers yet.
Hi, Product hunters! We are really thrilled to introduce you a new app in our MacPaw Family! It is a bit different App than we usually do. We hope that with Wallpaper Wizard 2 your Mac will never look boring. We have handpicked more than 25,000 of only Retina Wallpapers that will perfectly fit any(up to 5) of your Mac Screens. Please enjoy! :) It is now available on Setapp: https://setapp.com/apps/wallpape... and the MacAppStore.
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Excuse me, Yosemite National Park, I won't be bored with your landscapes anymore. Congrats to the team 🤗 Happy to be a part of it with Depositphotos curated collection. Stay tuned with WallWizz, it's gonna be updated with new gems from us soon.
Absolutely love the stuff MacPaw are doing. They develop some absolutely amazing apps, and so I'm excited to try this out :)