Wallpaper Disco

Downloadable wallpapers to dance up your desktop and devices

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Tom is a great designer and also has decent manners at the dinner table. Love this series.
@andythegiant Thanks Andy. Well, except when we go to Pig & Khao and eat everything with our hands.
Fun and full of great designs. Maker has been putting up a new one every day, on the way to 100 in total. Groovy.
@houseofstang Thanks Chris! Hey Product Hunters! This all started with Elle Luna and The Great Discontent's 100 Day project—a push to choose an action and repeat it every day for 100 days. 100 days of making, so to speak. I've created a special wallpaper up for Product Hunters today - hope you enjoy it: http://wallpaperdisco.com/#coffee
Tom is easily the best disco wallpaper designer I know. He's also one of the best UX designers I know.
@mignano Thanks, Mike! The first is a niche market ;)