A.I.-powered savings alerts, free daily credit scores & more

Hey Hunters! I'm Odysseas, Founder & CEO of WalletHub. The idea behind it is that everyone, whether they can afford one or not, deserves a financial advisor at their fingertips. With WalletHub, anyone can proactively save and track their finances for free. Daily credit scores ensure that you know exactly what car loan rates to expect when you're walking into the dealership, or when your future landlord checks your credit report before giving you the keys. Feel free to share your feedback after downloading, or AMA beforehand all day!
@odyhub it would be nice to be availiable AND in Greek AppStore!
@ethernek some day soon I hope! Right now we can only process US credit scores.
WalletHub provides personalized savings alerts powered by artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics.
@erictwillis Thanks for hunting us, Eric!
Sounds like a promising product but unfortunately not available outside US, so I can't really try it out. Could you elaborate more on the AI component of the service?
@hosseinpn Hey Hossein, unfortunately for now a US SSN is required to register, but we're looking into workarounds for the future! Our savings recommendations have built-in intelligence that simulates the effect of talking to a personal financial adviser who's trying to help you save money. For a simple example, when a small business owner is looking for credit card funding, WalletHub's credit brain recognizes that they won't be increasing their personal liability by applying for a general consumer card, rather than a business card, as a way to maximize savings. It's smart enough to think outside the box.
I had my first "user" experience with WalletHub's iOS app yesterday, when it instantly alerted me that my credit was checked by a property management company while amidst my (endless) apartment search. My future roommates and I were updated that our application was being processed without a single word from our leasing agent. A little biased, yes, but that's pretty cool :) looking forward to hearing what everyone else thinks or wants to know. Ask away!
WalletHub is a fantastic app; quite possibly the best personal finance advising app available!
@clefmeister - oh wow! Thanks Jeff!