Wallet Genius

A bot that teaches you how to invest in cryptocurrency

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Wallet Genius teaches you how to invest in cryptocurrency, tailoring advice based on your personal investing style.

Connor Cirillo
  • Connor Cirillo
    Connor CirilloBuilding bots @ HubSpot

    Messenger is a great channel for conversational content. Potential here.


    Only links out to external articles. Not a great bot experience.

    All I can do with this bot is go read articles from around the web. I'm not learning anything or getting real value from this product as a bot. The experience could be more thought out, too. If I click "Investing guide", I hit a dead-end and can't go back at all. Even global connections like "restart" don't do anything.

    I personally would love an interactive experience where I could learn more about tokens and investing. Tips, pop quizzes, etc.

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Devin Finzer
Devin FinzerMaker@dfinzer · Developer
Hey everyone :) Investing in cryptocurrency can be tricky: it requires registering for exchanges, setting up wallets, and understanding tech / security at a basic level. It also seems like a large part of being an effective cryptocurrency investor is keeping up with news and price trends in real time. So...I decided to build an educational bot to help newcomers to the cryptocurrency space! There are a couple great crypto-related bots out there already, but the focus of my bot is investment education and real time updates. Give it a try and let me know what new features you’d like me to build!
Product Pearson
Product Pearson@productpearson · Product Manager @ Property4Media
Nice concept, but from the screenshots it looks like you are just referring me to how to guides on the web?