Wallet Beta 1.0.0

Sleek looking, multi-cryptocurrencies desktop wallet

multi-cryptocurrencies desktop wallet for secure storage of your blockchain assets. Later, a decentralized exchange will be integrated directly to the wallet so you can securely exchange your coins. Please make sure you try the wallet knowing that this is the very early beta of the wallet.

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15 Reviews3.9/5

I wouldn't suggest using this wallet as the withdraw function is not working. I tested it with 1 ETH and this is what I got https://www.screencast.com/t/Thr...


Decent UI


The application has a lot of problems at it's current stage.

Hi, it's still early beta and make sure the ethereum has been confirmed. Please export your private keys to another wallet if you want to spend it while we debug this issue for the next update. Regardless, the wallet is very secure for the storage of your assets and for any bug as long as you have the private key to the address you can withdraw any fund deposited so it's perfectly safe. The addresses and keys are generated using your mnemonic all locally.
This is gonna come up eventually, so I might as well: do you plan to add support for hardware wallets?
I lost all my tokens during the ICO phase when I couldn't change my bitcoin Escrow Address...

Looking forward to the exchange!


Looks nice, seems secure, able to connect to DEX soon!


buggy, but that should be fixed

Exchange coming Q1 2018!


Great UI & UX, easy to use, heaps of features, secure, great animations


buggy but that's normal in the first release