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Hi folks! My name is Dustin and I'm the designer / engineer behind Wallcat. Wallcat is a simple macOS, (very soon iOS), and new Chrome Tab app delivering you with a beautiful hand-picked desktop wallpaper, every day. Up to this point there's been three different channels that I've curated. With the launch of Wallcat Partners I'm opening up the system for anyone to apply to become a partner and create their own channels 👍 Perhaps you're a photographer, artist, magazine, or company who has gorgeous imagery. Now, you too can schedule images to appear on everyone's desktop. As a solo designer / engineer I've put a ton of work into Wallcat. Maintaining servers, a mac app, chrome tab app, website, and now the partners system has taken many late-nights. I appreciate y'all taking the time to check it out and sharing the word! Thank you to everyone currently using Wallcat, your tweets and emails keep me wanting to build it ❤️ Happy to answer any questions on here, Dustin
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@dustin Is that for public channels only or can one create a company-wide Wallcat channel to use in the office?
@dubstrike starting with public-only, if there's enough interest, making private channels is absolutely a path I've considered.
Super smart move, @dustin. Reminds me of WeTransfer's beautiful fullpage ads. Can you share how many Wallcat users and/or impressions you have today?
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! I'm currently sitting at ~1.8k Chrome Tab users and ~8k weekly users on the mac app. It's steadily growing and people really seem to like the product.
Cool concept. Turning wallpapers into a advertising channel is a really smart idea.
I love me some Wallcat. Looking forward to even more images through these channels :)
@Countable is thrilled to be one of Wallcat's first partners! 😸🇺🇸 Now you can subscribe to the Countable channel and you'll get a super patriotic wallpaper/new tab image, PLUS if you click through to learn more you'll be presented with a featured bill currently in front of Congress. From there you can contact your elected officials directly and tell them how to vote!