Wallcat for Chrome

Beautiful wallpaper for your Chrome new tab, every day.

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Hi folks! My name is Dustin and I’m the creator of Wallcat. Following up on the release of Wallcat for Mac (thank you PH for the kind upvotes and comments!), I decided to release Wallcat for Chrome. Every day, you'll have a gorgeous new image set as the background as Chrome's new tab. Get a dose of daily visual inspiration. Happy to answer any questions below. Also, a shout-out to Google's Earth View Chrome Extension, Exposure New Tab, and Unsplash Instant, for inspiring this extension.
@dustin you should be using this to place political messages...new ones every day...or maybe just highlight things that are wrong in the world that nobody pays attention to, every day...think bigger than "hobbyist extension developer" and consider yourself an activist, that's what john Lennon would do.
So excited for more Wallcat. I love it on the Mac. For the first few days, I wanted to keep the desktop images because they were so beautiful—I was frustrated. Then I realized that the *next* wallpaper would be just as great... I just had to savor the moment each time. Wallcat, you've taught me something important about life.
So wallpaper products confuse me. I don't know why I'd need an app for wallpapers? I choose one and then barely see my desktop again anyway! However, a chrome extension makes much more sense to me. It's more about seeing something beautifully visual and you actually make use of it because you see it multiple times a day! @dustin do you feel that a chrome extension was needed for use cases like this?
@bentossell absolutely. I heard from many Wallcat users that the enjoyed the wallpapers but barely saw them. The browser is a great alternative to showcase imagery :)
Got a little bit scared that it will be same wallpaper that is on Wallcat for Mac 😰 but yeah, is different. 😍 Love it!
@silviust7 currently the images are the same as the mac client. Hopefully it won't bother you too much if you subscribe to different channels :)
@dustin @silviust7 Hey dustin, they're not. It seems on chrome is one day behind 😨
This is awesome, @dustin! I've been using Wallcat for Mac for a little while now. It's refreshing to open my laptop every morning and see a beautiful new image. Are the images on Chrome the same as on Mac? I may want to use both :)
@jackdweck thanks for using Wallcat on Mac! The images are the same, but you can subscribe to different channels if you'd like :)