A beautiful wallpaper for your Mac, every day

#3 Product of the DayNovember 18, 2015
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  • Pros: 

    a lot of beautiful wallpapers, multichannels



    I don't always like the wallpaper for the specific day, but I don't worry. I just change channel and I have different wallpaper. For me it's saving soo much time, I don't have to search for high-res pictures for wallpaper, when I'm bored with the current one.

    Andrew Urbański has used this product for one year.


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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Yo, @dustin. I don't see any cats. What's the deal?
Michael Knepprath@mknepprath · Developer/Designer
@rrhoover Asking the important questions. 😼
Jad Limcaco@jadlimcaco · Product Designer
@rrhoover There's a cat right on my menu bar.
dustin senosMakerHiring@dustin · Former Head of Design at Medium
@rrhoover hold option when you click the cat icon ;)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@dustin 😻
dustin senosMakerHiring@dustin · Former Head of Design at Medium
Hi folks! Excited to share Wallcat with the Product Hunt community! Wallcat is a simple app that automatically updates you Mac's desktop to a new a new beautiful image every day. If you've had the same stale image, are still rocking a default Apple background, or are simply looking to keep your computer feeling fresh, feel to check out Wallcat. I'm the sole developer / designer on Wallcat, happy to answer any questions!
dustin senosMakerHiring@dustin · Former Head of Design at Medium
Feel free to read more about the origins of Wallcat over on Medium: https://medium.com/@dustin/wallc...
Joost Schuur@joostschuur · Platform Evangelist, Playmob
@dustin I noticed this doesn't seem to change all the desktops (at least in El Capitan), just the first one (or whatever was the active one when I launched the app). Is this within your control?
dustin senosMakerHiring@dustin · Former Head of Design at Medium
@joostschuur unfortunately I haven't been able to find an API from Apple that exposes this. I have another approach in mind that may do the trick. Thanks for the feedback, when I solve this problem, it'll absolutely be in Wallcat <3
Nobel Chang@nobelchang · Co-founder & CEO of Easy Streak
@dustin beautiful! I wonder if there will ever be a day where gifs can be wallpapers.
Patrick Rogers@mrpatrickrogers · Developer @realm
@joostschuur @dustin Kuvva changes all the desktops FYI: https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
doug williams@dougw · founder @withcopper
👊I've been loving the serendipity for months now. Congrats on getting Wallcat out there, @dustin.
dustin senosMakerHiring@dustin · Former Head of Design at Medium
thanks @dougw. I really appreciate the kind words and your help testing it :)
Alex Rosen@alexmr · Co-founder at Sense
Been really enjoying having this on my computer while testing. It's fun because you forget about the app and then suddenly there's a great new image you notice. And the curation's top notch. People have complimented me on my background image a few times already.
Eric Wuebben@wuebben · Founder, Highly
My daily routine: Get to my desk, commence trackpad gesture for Show-Desktop (a lot like giving your computer a high-five), breath in the Wallcat “Structure” channel newness. A nice little eye-candy gift waiting for you every morning. Bravo @dustin!