Wallpaper app with Machine Learning for macOS

WallBot is another wallpaper app...hooray! What does it have special? Well it uses Machine Learning to change your background images based on the ones you like. It uses Unsplash to get images so you won't have to worry about images, there are lots of categories to choose from. Check it out and let me know how we can improve it. Thanks, hunters! 😻

Update: Made app free so you can enjoy it for free 🙌🏻 ---- Hey hunters, check out this wallpaper app that uses Machine Learning to change your desktop background with images you like. Let me know what you think about it. Also wanted to make a special offer for you, hunters, so I'll give 10 codes you can redeem on the Mac AppStore to get app for free. Make sure you let us know what you think about it after using it. 6JWJJHXJAHR4 47EHFJWYTE4A J7E3AMRHNLF6 PJLYAMWE9KXN 4AF7FKR7MK3H W9R46JH6TH73 PH93F7LRJAW3 49H3MP7TNAWT XTNLPH7H9AXT 7379N6AX6ERP Thanks 😻
I'm excited to try it out @silviust7 - I recently downloaded the official Unsplash one for my Mac and have been loving it. Curious to see what kind of Machine Learning it will output for me. Glad I got here in time for a promo code 😎 I'm curious - how did you go about implementing ML on wallpapers? How did you develop it all?
@silviust7 Hm okay trying it out. First thing I noticed is the quality. I'm on the latest Macbook pro and the image quality just isn't there. Compared to the official unsplash one, there is a fair bit of noise in the images. Secondly - when the thumbs up/thumbs down came up, it didn't detect any objects. I'm assuming it shouldve...?
@kevinguebert Do you have high sierra installed? CoreML was included with macOS 10.13
@silviust7 Ah that would do it :) My bad! Great job!
@kevinguebert An update is on it's way fixing more stuff. Thanks for your help
I just installed the app, but it doesn't work to due exceeded rate limit, which I assume means Unsplash's API rate limit?
@ptrkcsk unsplash gives a 5k per hour rate limit do I guess it is a bug. Sorry about that, will try to fix it asap. Thanks
@silviust7 Thanks! Congratulations on the high traffic!