Make money selling the stuff you don't need any more

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Big fan of mobile-first products that help people make better use of the stuff they have, and share the stuff they don't need.
@badboyboyce Wallapop is a Spanish company (as I recall) and set-up in France a few months ago too. It managed to attract many people since then, based on three assumptions : 1/ People would rather use mobile...have you ever tried using craigslist on your smartphone ? Mobile-friendly but bad experience. 2/ People are lazy : thanks to the app they can find the nearest whatever-they-need 3/ Doing so also helps serendipitous purchase (I bought a Trivial Pursuit there without even looking for it). Wishing them good luck!
@badboyboyce Agreed! Though I've seen other stuff like this (Bondsy, etc) that has never really taken off. Ultimately I think one of the big issues with these products is the cycle time is pretty long for a user to list and sell an item and that process itself doesn't occur quite frequently enough to grow an app's userbase to a point where it appears like a "vibrant" community. I'd love to see an app like this take off and be a viable mobile alternative to ebay, though.
@ckurdziel @badboyboyce I'm currently making an app that is kind of like these apps (i.e. Wallapop, OfferUp, 5miles, etc...). A couple big differences with mine though. Mine will be more of a classifieds like Craigslist. You can post looking for a roommate, job, post something to sell, item you are looking for, or giving away for freee, etc... The other big difference is that my app deals with your Facebook friends and the friends of your Facebook friends. At the beginning of the app, you can select to see ads only by your Facebook network. So you will only be able to see ads placed by your Facebook friends and the friends of your Facebook friends. For example, If you have a friend on Facebook named Joe Smith and he has a friend on Facebook that your not friends with named Sarah Connor, if Sarah post an ad saying she has a tickets to a concert she would like to sell, you would see that ad like this: Concert tickets(whatever band) for sale posted by Sarah Connor, friends with Joe Smith. You would then have the ability to contact either one through the app. Kind of gives you a little peace of mind and sense of security. It's either one of your friends you are dealing with or one of your friends can vouch for the person you are dealing with. The app name is knowAguy and should be out this month.
hey is this similar to Shpock?
Need exactly this!!

Had numerous tech issues and bugs while using their product (moved away from Spain so had to sell / get rid of all my stuff). None were resolved, and some of them cost me the sale of my items, and resulted in me getting a negative review. Overall very disappointed with the service and the product. I also paid to promote two of my products - barely made a difference (would not recommend paying for promoting your sale items).


Decent engagement, you get people interested in your stuff.

Design is nice.


Very buggy

Web-app is a disaster

Terrible customer support