Stay in touch with family and friends across countries

A Telegram bot that will connect you with friends and family across all time zones. No need to manually schedule calls to catch up with close ones.
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Nowadays we have family and friends across various countries and time zones, making it quite challenging to stay in touch. Scheduling calls ahead of time works, but requires a bigger time commitment, time zone maths, and makes things feel more business-y than it should. Ever since moving to New York, I spend about 2-3 hours a day walking, and I love using this time to be on the phone with friends from the West coast and Europe. I usually just text one or two friends, asking if they're available for a call, however I ran into a few problems with this approach: - If I text a friend, chances are they're at work, asleep, with friends or don't look at their phone. They'd see my message 2 hours later reply they're available now. The problem is that often by that time I'm unavailable again - If a friend doesn't know about this setup, they'd think I want to discuss something specific or urgent, however those kinds of calls are just to catch up and stay in touch. - Often, either none of my friends were available, or multiple responded, so it was always a tricky balance on how many friends I'd text, with the risk of both of them replying Yep, I'm free now - If one friend is never available, you kind of "forget" to text them, as you already assume subconsciously that they won't be available I built this Telegram bot to automate the whole thing, and also solve the problems mentioned above. The bot would text your friends one by one, until the first person confirms they're available. As soon as that happens, the bot automatically revokes the invite messages from all the other people, so they won't even see they ever got one. This is a side project for me, that I've already been using for myself for a while, and figured, it might be useful for other folks out there as well :)
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If only all of my friends and family were on Telegram :( ...
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Would love to try this as a way to keep in touch with friends & family while walking my dogs! ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿถ
@b_gerstle Yes, perfect. This bot works nicely with any kind of errands, as well as transportation like walking and driving
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Looks good!