The new mini Segway

#1 Product of the DayAugust 09, 2015
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I saw this last night on Facebook and I must admit, I was "tired" and my first reaction was "wow, you can surf on your Magic Trackpad now, what a time to be alive." πŸ˜…
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What a terrible idea. This guys at 40 will complain why he can't walk or run. His legs will hurt, and he will have joint pain every night when he is asleep because he is not walking enough. Start exercising and come up with ideas that will cure people. Solve real PAIN problems, don't create new problems to human society.
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@artemgassan totally with you on that.
@tymrtn @artemgassan but I could cover so much more ground to dominate on Turfly!
@bradenhamm @artemgassan if this increments your step count on your iPhone then maybe... try it and see!
@tymrtn @artemgassan well Turfly counted most of my slow city bus commute while I was asleep, so I don't see why not ;)
@bradenhamm @artemgassan ehhh, try the most recent version. I suspect it won't. But FWIW, 8mph bumpy SFMUNI rides does look a lot like jogging from a data perspective. :)
One word - LAZY! Seriously, this is cool but come on. This is just another gadget that we don't need. Just making us even more lazy than we already are, haha πŸ˜…
@mkaroumi is not actually about being lazy. This is just the beginning of the evolution of skateboards. I'm sure when they figure out the real capabilities of those hovers and boards, they are gonna be able to create a sportive version of it.
@cesarzeppini @mkaroumi of course, there will be some really awesome electric skateboards in 10 years, I hope.
@mkaroumi looks like a scale so we can put your weight on it. Only activated when < x lbs!
Looks cool. Wow it could push a person wheelchair? That is some muscle. Love how quickly it responds to person getting off of it. I saw it traveling at different speeds. The next obvious questions are- how long to charge & how much cost?
There's something suspicious about that demo video. There seems to be a little too much juice for its size and it's an overly smooth ride given the wheel size. This thing must run for 15 minutes, tops. Where are the specs? Until I see a third-party review, I would not be pre-ordering something like that.