Walk the Property Lines by Homesnap

Use AR to "Walk the Property Lines" around any home in USA

Walk the Property Lines by Homesnap is a simple, yet highly-effective, execution of augmented reality for the geography of real estate. It shows you the actual property lines as you walk around the home. It's a great too - and application of AR - to add transparency and efficiency in buying/selling a home.

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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Lou, I lead the product team at Homesnap. Big thanks to Konrad for hunting us! For awhile now, people (homebuyers, sellers, agents) have been have been using Homesnap's real estate search app with property polygons to determine residential lot boundaries. With ARKit, we upgraded that experience from following a dot on a 2D overhead map to a fully-immersive AR experience. Now you can literally see the property lines as you walk around the home. Pro Tips: - Requires iOS 11 + iPhone 6s or later - Must be within 2000ft. of the home to activate "Walk the Property Lines" - Works best in broad daylight - Make sure you start in the exact corner - Always keep the property lines in sight Happy to answer any questions and I'm excited to hear your feedback and see your screenshots!
@loumintzer congrats on the release! The apps looks great :)