Waldo for Apple Watch

See what your friends are doing right now, on your Watch

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Excited to launch Waldo on Apple Watch today! We were fortunate enough to be invited down to Apple to build on the Watch early, and are psyched to bring what we think could be a pretty awesome use case to the Watch. We're building the context layer for communication; the things you’d like to know about the recipient before contacting them. Waldo creates that context automatically. The app figures out what you're up to -- so whether you’re at a café in the Mission, work in SOMA, running in Palo Alto or even if your phone’s low on battery, Waldo automatically updates your status. Connect your camera roll and your most recent photo becomes part of your status. The Watch lends itself to shorter session lengths with only a few button presses -- scrolling through a feed of 1000 friends on a tiny screen doesn’t make a ton of sense. We’ve built Waldo on the Watch to give you bite-sized, real-time updates from your most important people, so you can get in, get your info, and get back to real life quickly. So before you pull out your phone, unlock it, and decide whether to message someone, you can use Waldo to see whether they’re driving, in a meeting or just hanging out at home, all from your wrist. Before you message, you check Waldo.
@wtwht Wow! Awesome you got to work with Apple to help launch this. Was it one large group of multiple teams, like some sort of bizzaro hackathon, or did you work alone?
@bradenhamm Thanks! A bit of a combination - spoke with some people 1:1, and then also had a small group session with some teams building some awesome stuff :)
I love this! A quick glance at what my friends and loved ones are doing is probably the best (and maybe the only I'd actually use) use case for the Apple Watch.
@andrewlockhart thanks Andrew -- awesome to hear! We definitely agree -- tons of potential for the Watch, and think this could be a really cool way for people to use it (both for friends and family on the Watch and even those on phone)
Looks awesome Charlie! One of the few apps I believe is better suited for the watch over the phone. Keep it up and can't wait to use!
@kam_bain Awesome, thanks Kam -- appreciate the kind words! That's exactly what we're hoping for; the Watch is an awesome device to get you the relevant info about your most important people as quickly as possible, so you can get back to living your life. Looking forward to the launch!
Upvoted because - great name ;)
@tommoor Ha, thanks Tom! We were big fans of the children's books growing up :)
Love the automatic updates in Waldo. Helps me keep close friends in the loop without having to post updates.