AI that gets you money back when prices drop

Waldo is AI built to save you money.
When recent purchases drop in price, Waldo leverages a hidden perk called price protection, to get you cash back.
Waldo works with over 100+ brands, including Amazon, Patagonia, Best Buy, and Nordstrom
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Hey there 👋 SUPER excited to announce the launch of my AI startup — Waldo 🎉 We all know airline fares, hotel rooms, and concert tickets frequently change in price. But what if I told you prices for sneakers, jeans, and laptops change just as often? Waldo is artificial intelligence built to save you money on recent purchases when they drop in price by leveraging a hidden perk called price protection. Waldo gets you money back from a diverse set of brands including Amazon, Patagonia, Best Buy, and Nordstrom just to name a few. Waldo works with over 100+ brands, with new ones added every day. The best part — you don’t have to lift a finger. Funds are directly credited back to your credit card from the store. We’re currently working on support for airlines, hotels, and so much more. Join us on our journey — and let us know where you would like to save more money. And to celebrate our launch, we’re giving people a $10 bonus for each friend they refer 💸💸💸
It’s one of those products I go: why didn’t this exist before?
@charlesjo we thought the same thing!
@charlesjo other products like this have existed before

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This is so easy. Just set it and forget it, once a product you already bought goes on sale, more cash goes back into your pocket!


Haven’t seen anything bad yet!

Feels like I had been forgetting to go the the free money drawer prior to signing up. Great product


Simple to use and continues to work passively in the background for you


Haven’t really found any yet

Pretty neat concept. Hard part is now keeping my online shopping to pre-Waldo levels. Just wanna see the numbers on the dashboard change