Window into Your Best Friend's Lives

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Met the Waldo team at the @MavenVC Incubator -- awesome team building a really cool product. Waldo is a background messenger for iOS that shows what the most important people in your life are up to in the moment. I like that I can easily see that my friends are on a run in Palo Alto, at work in SOMA, or away in Berlin… all created automatically. I also sometimes add an ephemeral photo like a classic AIM away message. Makers are @dylankeil and @wtwht — hopefully they’ll hop on here to join the convo.
I really like the background messenger aspect. Beautiful site + logo.
@stttories awesome, thanks a lot tori - much appreciated!
@wtwht no problem. i'm also a big fan of your music! i remember the first time i heard the notorious xx. good luck with everything!
@stttories cheers, that's really cool to hear -- kudos for digging the music and the app! :)
Great product. I've used it a fair bit. I particularly like getting a feel for the daily lives of my friends and family back home (Toronto) or overseas. The additional bit of context gives me the more-intimate social network feel that it seemed like Path was striving for (and Snapchat achieved). Where do you take it from here or where do you see this going?
@andrewlockhart Thanks for the feedback! Going forward, we're really interested in bringing in more passive data sources to make those glimpses into your friends' lives even richer and more intimate. e.g., Showing what music someone is listening to in the moment, whether they're in a meeting, what the weather is like around them, how they're feeling, etc. We see Waldo as providing a foundational context layer for communication. Whereas normally, when you reach out to a friend it's somewhat of a black box (you don't know what they're up to in the moment), with Waldo we offer a view into their world as a jumping off point. So you could imagine using your Waldo status to augment other forms of messaging, (e.g., embedded in your email signature)
@dylankeil Along those lines, have you thought about enterprise applications? I feel like the files and apps I have open or recent commits could add tremendous context to something like Slack or Hipchat.
@andrewlockhart I like the idea. The focus for now is definitely consumer facing, but could see how additional context could be really useful in an enterprise setting. (Think of the productivity that's lost when you interrupt someone while they're highly focused or the rework that happens because people are working on the same doc at the same time or the value that comes from being able to keep track of what people on a team are all doing at any given time).
Awesome, thanks a lot @benhoffman_! I'm a co-founder / head of product for Waldo, and we're really psyched to see it up here -- would love to talk about it or help out with any questions. Thanks! If anyone wants to add me on Waldo, feel free to add my phone # to your iPhone contacts: 650-704-8131 :)
So this is something like Status (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...)? And do your friends need to be on here or does it work with all your current social networks?
@dereckbreuning Great question -- we really like what the folks at Status have done and think it’s a cool product. They clearly share our belief that there is a lot of potential in sharing passively-generated context. Our main use for Status was as a utility to coordinate logistics, whereas with Waldo, we want to help you stay connected to the most important people in your life, whether across the street or across the country. One way that manifests is adding photos to your context - we want to provide a window into your best friends' lives. Network-wise, we connect with contacts in iOS, and you get the full experience when they're on Waldo, but you can still send what you're up to and ask what a friend is up to when they're off-platform.