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Thanks @justinkan for hunting! Hi product lovers, I'm Tat, co-founder of Wakie. It's a social app where you set a topic and get an instant phone call from someone who is interested in that topic. When we launched our initial product (wake up calls crowdsourced) we were amazed by how altruistic people are. Without any marketing we got over a million sign ups and people were so open, kind and caring to each other that we realized that the way we communicate with the world should change. From now on we can start sharing our life experience with people who are out of our usual social circles. For example, recently I was talking to a girl from Morocco and I was so surprised with her mature way of thinking and how similar we are as human beings despite completely different cultural backgrounds. I discovered a lot of "obvious" but surprising things about Arabic culture. Anyway, I hope you'll be amazed too. Please share you experience using Wakie with us right in the app. We read all the feedbacks and develop the product with your help. Best, T
Great app from a great team! Keep on rocking, guys!
@alexbabin we appreciate that Alex!
Nice app! Recommend!
@garik_avetisyan thanks Garik!
@tat_ajamyan how do you ensure the quality of the 'peers'? Couldn't anyone just give any random advice?
@bentossell we use machine learning to understand a) who are the best match for this question (for example you can have great rating when you talk about London and poor rating when talking about cars) and 2) who are the best match for you (for example, the system noticed that people from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan more often rate each other lower) Basically we will show your question to a bunch of people we think are great for that question and leave the final decision making to a Human Intelligence.
I liked there old version better! A alarm clock that wakes you up with a call from someone around the world. Or, you can wake up someone random.
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@elyawp Haha thanks Elya, that's funny! The alarm clock is still there. So you can ask either for a wake up call or for an instant conversation.